In 1987, Chapter C of the Vietnam Vets MC was experiencing some internal issues. Eight members opted to leave the club and start a new one that better reflected their views of what a "veteran" based club should be.  Thus they formed the first chapter of the "US Military Vets MC".

As the club expanded, this Chapter became the National Chapter. With this expansion, came greater disagreement among members over issues of "jap bikes" and female veterans being "patched".  Eventually seven members broke off from the National chapter and started their own chapter without being sanctioned.

This chapter was the renegade "Chapter 3" of the USMV. Females were not patch holders, only Harley-Davidson bikes were allowed and they required a more defined code of conduct.

In 1992, problems between the the USMV Chapters 1 and 3 came to a head. The membership voted and decided to disband Chapter 3 and return under the fold of Chapter 1.  

Because of this, Twelve members chose to leave the USMV altogether and start another club, Veteran Warriors MC.

The club name was chosen to reflect the groups desire to continue as a men only, US military veterans organization, riding only American made motorcycles.

The Veteran Warriors were a "tight" club made of good friends with a foundation strengthened by the resolve to stick together through problems in the past.

During the next 18 months, members left for various reasons and new veterans were patched.  At one point the club was down to six of the original Vet Warriors, who now are referred to as the "Original 6" 

During thie early 1990's in South Florida, a lot of MC clubs were forming.  This created two problems which challenged the club for which thay had to solve.

One was that there was a commercial biker patch that was becoming popular in the community that looked identical to the club patch.  The second was the club charter requirement to be a U.S. military veteran.

The club decided the only solution was to change the name and the patch to something entirely unique that still reflected the group history and to amend the club charter to expand membership to non veterans.

In the latter part of 1993, the patch was designed with a black beret skull with a "6" in the flash named "Fritz". The name Der Krieger, German for the warrior, after a group of German bikers helped a member get his bike home from Daytona.

 On August 12, 2012, Der Krieger MC formally removed the Hollywood rocker and replaced it with a Florida one. By doing this, DKMC is now offically recognized thoughout the state of Florida..